3D instructions

3D instructions step by step

  1. Base Print

Each image has a base print and several pieces. The base print will be the foundation for your work and all cutout pieces will be placed and glued to it. The base print should be mounted on stiff backing (e.g. card stock) using glue or double sided adhesive tape.

  1. Die Cuts or Cutting Sheets

The 3D sheets are available as die-cut (no scissors needed) or as cutting sheets.

  1. Shaping

A natural perspective is gained by carefully shaping each cutout piece before gluing it. Place a cutout piece upside down on a shaping mat or mouse pad and use the grip of a pair of scissors or the round back of a pen to shape the paper.

  1. Gluing

The 3-dimensional effect is created by shaping, layering and gluing the pieces to the base print using dual adhesive foam pads. Layer the cutout pieces on top of each other and bend the edges a little towards the base print below.

  1. Embellishing

Once the picture has been created, certain areas can be selectively coated with clear lacquer or enhanced with glitter glue according to the artist’s preference.